Posi-struts/Floor Trusses

Prefabricated posi-struts also known as floor trusses are manufactured with metal webs and can spans up to 7.5m.  They are designed both for domestic and commercial use and loads.  Posi-struts are increasingly popular as they allow access for pipes and ducts easily with their open metal web design. Quality assurance for strength, stiffness and durability. Prefabricated posi-struts are manufactured using the latest in design software supplied to us by Mitek Australia Limited.


-               Open web design allows pipes and ducts through

-               Made to  measure

-               Easy to install on site

-               No wastage

-               Designed in accordance with the building codes and specifications

-               Computations provided for Council

-               Reduces on- site theft of timber during construction

-               Lightweight and easy to handle